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As Emilia enters the dark hallway, she is yanked hard onto her back by the leg, and Belinda clambers onto her, her fat blubbery body sandwiching Emilia's figure onto the linoleum floor, arms and all.

"You traitor!" Belinda jeers. "You traitor!" Her eyes are wrinked and furious with bloodlust.

Emilia's arm is yanked and before she could react, Belinda pulls down her sleeve and stabs a syringe into one of her veins. She can feel the new substance flow through her bloodstream already, as the numbing sensation gradually comes to.

Then Emilia manages to free her other arm from under, and pokes Belinda in the eyes.

"Narrr!" Belinda bellows. "How dare you!"

Emilia wiggles herself out of Belinda's body mass index, and after a little searching, finds a backdoor out of the clinic.

The daylight is terribly blinding for some reason -- Emilia finds herself in a parking lot, and there happens to be police cruisers just arriving at the scene.

She runs away, adrenaline pumping though her heart, but the drug is spreading through her body, making her legs weighed down with clumsiness and she only makes it a few paces towards a fence before haplessly collapsing, like Gumby the claymation dude on one of his off days.

Her world is blurring, and the last she sees is the police officers coming with handcuffs, while Belinda the receptionist wails for justice on Canadian soil.

The End

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