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A Day in the Daily Life of Lulu - by QDesjardin

C'est moi! Lulu!

Lulu woke up feeling dappy,
Lulu is alright.
Lulu eats a candy cane,
and that candy makes her tummy feel rumbly!

Lulu travelled to work today,
Lulu feels fatigued.
Work is surely so boring meng,
Why can't we play instead?

Lulu's zippy pants went missing,
Lulu was eating lunchon;
Her zippy pants went all way around the world,
and came back as dirt and shambles!

Oh non!

How Lulu treasures her petite pants!

So Lulu gave her pants a washing,
"Rum-rum!" the washing maschine goes~!
It's such a pleasant sound to hear,
the sound of her clothes getting clean!

Lulu eats some popcorn while she waits,
The popcorn pops in her poppy mouth,
as she hop, skip, jumps over the dirty laundry
of other people sitting dully reading D. E. Laurance's poetry.

Now Lulu feels tired today,
Lulu wants to sleep.
Lulu made her own bed
and tucked herself in at night.

My, how the stars shine so brightly tonight!
She wishes she could stay up longer,
but sleep is the most important meal of the day,
so Lulu bids thee "Goodnight."

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