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A Life in a Lively Day of Lulu - by QDesjardin

C'est moi! Lulu!

Today is a very special day, do you know why? Because today.. it is Lulu's birthday!

So.. what shall we prepare to celebrate? A birthday cake, you say? But Lulu wants it especially to be a very special birthday, so just any ol' birthday cake won't do. It'll have to be coffee-flavoured, with vanilla toppings and rainbow sprinklings!

Where can we get such a cake?

Why, by the grocery store - there's a nice old man named Mr Jenkins; he's kind enough to allow Lulu one free birthday cake on this very special day.

But alas, Mr Jenkins is sick today. He's being fed chicken soup by his lovely wife, and instead, Lulu meets Mrs Benjins. She's a young lady, but she isn't very nice when she pretends that it isn't a special day for Lulu. "No birthday cake for you, unless you pay up $15.95!" she tells our dearest Lulu.


Lulu is sad.

Lulu's frown makes other people sad as she walks down the street. They share her pain. Even the birds have stopped by, wanting to cheer poor Lulu up. They chirp the best song that's on their minds.

That didn't cheer Lulu up yet.

The local mime, his face painted white and black, he attempts to pull off as many gags as he can in front of Lulu.

But that also didn't cheer Lulu up.

When the theatre projectionists allow Lulu to watch the latest movie (That's Elysium, by Neil Blonk-Omp) in the movie theatre, Lulu is tearing up. She cries. "I just want my birthday cake!" she tells others, while the tears are running like a water fountain from her plumpy face. "But that lady wants me to pay $15.95! And the banks aren't open today. Wahhhh!"

Today is a special day indeed, and what do the people do? They are nice enough to transform themselves into a pumpkin carriage with velvety unicorns, leading the way over the rainbow to where the rainbow ends.

That's where Mr Jenkins lives. Lulu knocks on his door, and his wife comes out and tells her, "Mr Jenkins is not available today! Come back tomorrow!"

"But I'm Lulu, his favourite customer!" Lulu pips. "I want my coffee cake with vanilla toppings and spinklings on top!"

Just then, Mr Jenkins pops out. "Did someone say coffee cake! That's my favourite kind of cake too!"

And Mr Jenkins helped make Lulu a coffee cake, with just the right amount of spinkings and vanilla whipped cream, and Lulu has a happily ever after day. She shares her sweet cake with everyone around her to enjoy.

The End

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