3 March 2015 12:30 am
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Wither (At Relationship's End)

I remember once, when it used to be Summer,
I shared with you my secrets and memories,
and all my deepest carnal desires
of sin and beauty and pleasure.

Even little moments blossom into poignant memories,
when I shared them with you, heart to heart.

But as the seasons changed, and sadness
rose from the horizons,

You grew distant, like the rainbow which disappears
as soon as one tries to get closer.

The leaves crumbled and the trees grew barren,
and the familiar scenery eroded into
a hollow shell of that warmth and lushness
I once tasted with you.

Winter came, and I see you've found that happiness
without me,
and I, in all my shame,
could only stare as if caught behind a glass window,

lest I wither you away from my touch.

It is hard to admit defeat,
but the truth is - it's better to be the one letting go,
than be the one who's let go of,
like an old branch falling off the tree.

Sometimes, I wonder if it's better to numb
your heart to the feelings that once were,
instead of absorbing pain from the happiness
which once was,

but then I realise, it once was, instead of it never was.

Perhaps, trudging forth to the future that holds no assurances,
I may find a new happiness,
keeping you close in my memories.

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