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2015-08-15 10:15 pm
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Titanic / 1


In the beginning, there were the clouds and the sky that loomed over the land. Humanity, for as long as they have existed, has always dreamed of seeing what the heavens are like, and beyond – the mythic realm of the Gods was left up to the imagination, and many stories were told about all that could be above. The angels, the stars where constellations have foretold dreams and led travellers across the oceans to distant lands.

The innate desires of humanity drove them forward, their inventions catapulting them into different eras of intellectual and scientific achievement. But at the same time, the struggles have been expressed between themselves, and in bouts of misunderstandings, there were violent clashes. Differing ideologies, differing religions and viewpoints that could not be naturally reconciliated, so the only answer was by force to extinguish the other.

One thing remained certain; they were alone. There were no traces of other species like themselves – those who had the capacity to imagine and comprehend beyond what they could see with their bare eyes.

Abstract ideals like meaning, purpose, destiny, beauty and love.

It is 1912. A time when airplanes have not yet dominated the skies, so the main means of international travel are by train, or the ocean liners. A period where the future seems bright, full of boundless hopes, where any dream feels possible.

That is what Titanic, the ship of dreams, has been built to embody. One of the largest ships of her time, she will carry over 2,000 people across the Atlantic, from Southampton (England) to New York City. And through a confluence of events, cataclysmicly collide with an iceberg, and shock the world with its tragedy in the vast seas.